Sixteen And Change - A Novel

Writing . Layout . Cover Art . Video Trailer

Take a mysterious, ghostly trip into the mind of a troubled boy.

A coming-of-age exploration of young friendship, a dysfunctional family, and the ramifications of ignoring a dark, forgotten past.


Online Advertising

Design / Creation . Flash . Video Editing . Soundtrack

Spider-Man campaign for Universal Studios. View the MATRIX, NASCAR, National Treasure, Disney World and more.


XS Small Headphone Showcase
What to Choose
Maxell Girl
Aira Headphones Floating Over Keyboards
Photo Girl Cutout & Edit
Rose Gold Product on Anvil with Rose Glow
Model Wearing Headphones and Fur
Product with Case on Stone
Beautiful girl in Rome with Scarf Flying
3 Phases of a Photo Editing
3 Product Colors on Marble


Planning . Direction . Casting

Gorgeous photography is the lifeblood to creating the perfect image, giving you the power to delineate your vision to the world.

At present, its uses are virtually infinite: company/personal website, packaging, the massive array of social media, Amazon/web & print ad campaigns, the list goes on.


Video Projects

Art Direction . Design . Storyboarding . Video & Photoshoots

A video created to visually tell the story of a completely customizable REMIX Wireless Speaker.  Each unique style of personalization completely changes the world around you.



Sound Lion Store Murals
Express Yourself Layout
V-MODA LP Print Ads for New York Snipe Campaign
V-MODA and Roland Join Forces
Rock On Full two Page Print Ad
ZN 2pg Layout
Clubbed to Deaf?
Practice Safe Sets
NAMM Ad and Display design
3D V-MODA NAMM Booth Design


Art Direction . Graphic Design . 3D

In this digital world, age old print advertising still makes its presence known. From single & two page magazine layouts, store window displays, store murals, banners, snipe campaigns, convention booths to king sized side of the road billboards. Print is alive and kicking.


3D DSG Intro


Cinematic 3D intro animation created for Digital Six Guns. Created at 4k with full, deep sound.

C4D & After Effects

MORE 3D...

Crossfade Wireless Packaging
Zn Packaging
3D Custom Shields Package
Remix Speaker Package
Vibrato Acrylic Package
TrueBlood Packages - HBO
Crossfade M-100 Package Comparison
Vibe 2 Prototype Packaging
Custom Kit Package
Forza Packaging
Big Box Store Pallet Design


Graphic Design . ID . Copy

Packaging must artistically convey a brand/product in such a way that it can capture your attention (and draw you in from a few feet away). They're tiny, beautiful, intriguing billboards + informative print ads + sales tools woven into one aesthetically pleasing display.

It's amazing to create these little works of art, then seem them exhibited at locations such as Apple, Microsoft and Best Buy Magnolia.