3D US Air Force and Army
3D Modern Soldier with Canine
Girl Escaping in Water with Robot Chasing
3D Sea of Thieves
3D Immortal Life
Pale Female with Venetian Mask & 3D Printed Hand
3D Headphone Prototype
3D Packaging
3D Window Shopping
TrueBlood O Positive White Package
3D Rose Gold Roses
3D Gaming Ship Headphones
3D Printing Ad
Livestrong Custom Headphone Prototype

3D Art & Renderings

Design . ID

Using 3D programs and utilizing 3D printing technology is the next level in design. They allow one to create virtually anything with or without the use of photography. 3D printing can go a step further and physically put your project right in your hands, literally constructing something out of nothing. These are incredibly exciting tools for designers like myself.

Programs used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop & Illustrator

V-MODA Remix Speaker Exploded View
V-MODA 3D and Photo Headphone Shields Exploded
V-MODA XS 3D Portable Size
Goth Model 3D Customization Endorse Yourself
3D Print Callouts
V-MODA 3D Mind the Gap Infographic
V-MODA Over Ear Shield Packaging with Custom XS Shields
3D Traplock Infographic
Vamp Verza 3D Instructions

3D Graphics

Design . ID . Art Direction

A wonderful creation tool for callouts, product education & infographics. These can turn the mundane into something extremely aesthetically pleasing to the reader/consumer. A little eye candy and wow factor never hurts.

C4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop & Illustrator


Materials & Prototypes

Art Direction . Design . ID . Editing

Renderings are essential to creating visual aids for prototypes and materials without having to actually create and photograph the physical product.

C4D & After Effects


3D Intros

Design . Story Boarding . 3D . Creation

3D is amazing for creating those beautiful, eye catching intros for movies, products, online channels + all other high end studio needs.

C4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop & Illustrator