TrueBlood Packages - HBO
TrueBlood O Positive Black Package
TrueBlood Maker and Accessories
TrueBlood Shield Packaging
TrueBlood O Positive White Package
TrueBlood Pouch
V-100 Package Layout

HBO True Blood

Art Direction . Graphic Design . Copy

The True Blood campaign required packaging for six separate products: one over-ear {V-100}, one on-ear {V-80}, 3 levels of in-ear headphones {Maker, Revamp & O Positive} and the custom shield kit.

One listen is all you need.



Crossfade Wireless Packaging
Zn Packaging
3D Custom Shields Package
Remix Speaker Package
Vibrato Acrylic Package
TrueBlood Packages - HBO
Crossfade M-100 Package Comparison
Custom Kit Package
Forza Packaging


Graphic Design . ID . Copy

Packaging must artistically convey a brand/product in such a way that it can capture your attention (and draw you in from a few feet away). They're tiny, beautiful, intriguing billboards + informative print ads + sales tools woven into one aesthetically pleasing display.

It's amazing to create these little works of art, then seem them exhibited at locations such as Apple, Microsoft and Best Buy Magnolia.


Big Box Store Pallet Design
Costco Vibe V-MODA Packaging
Costco LP Product Headphone Pallet
Costco Vibe Packaging V-MODA
Costco V-MODA VJ Packaging
3D Costco Listening Station
True Blood M-80 Listening Station
Best Buy Podium Listening Station End Cap Display
Magnolia Headphone Listening Station
Best Buy Stand Alone Listening Station

POS & Listening Stations

Art Direction . Graphic Design . ID . Copy

Big box warehouse stores are a whole different animal.  The package designs inevitably become much, much larger than the product and POS/pallet displays must be incorporated as well.

Brick and mortar may also allow for added POS and listening station designs. Wonderful built in sales tools.



Art Direction . Storyboarding 

These videos are essential to the ever growing tech savvy, review driven consumers of today. The unboxing video not only gives a great visual of the product, but it also allows the viewer to have a vicarious experience of opening the product for the first time.