XBOX Shield Console
V-MODA XBOX Campaign Console White
Sea of Thieves Laptop Logo
XBOX Chips Ahoy Sea of Thieves Campaign
XBOX Steph Curry V-MODA
XBOX Steph Curry Bundle Shield
Doritos XBOX Mountain Dew Ice Campaign
Microsoft Store Product Display Closeup
Microsoft Product Placement Store Display Cubby Close UP
Microsoft Store Product Display Area Design

XBOX & Microsoft Store

Art Direction . Graphic Design . 3D . Copy

For me personally, working with XBOX immersed me into the gaming world. Our collaboration consisted of 3D shields, print, future product development and product bundling with: Steph Curry, Under Armour, Doritos & Chips Ahoy.

The Microsoft Store collaborated with us on creating a new "Cubby" display for their flagship stores, as well as adding wall videos and product placement.

TrueBood Red
TrueBlood Packages - HBO
Imagine Your Ears On V
TrueBlood O Positive Black Package
TrueBlood Sookie Bite Marks
V-80 with Case and Blood Vial
HBO True Blood Kindle Ad
True Blood M-80 Listening Station
TrueBlood Maker and Accessories
Vampire Forest
V-80 Bleeding 2 Shields
TrueBlood Pouch
TrueBlood Maker Floating
TrueBlood Shield Customization
TrueBlood Earhook
TrueBlood Morph
TrueBlood Revamp Floating

HBO True Blood

Art Direction . Graphic Design . Copy

The True Blood campaign required the development of five separate products, packaging, advertising and accessories. The products consisted of one over-ear {V-100}, one on-ear {V-80}, 3 levels of in-ear headphones {Maker, Revamp & O Positive} and one custom shield kit.

Imagine your ears on V.


Naked Model with Miller Genuine Draft Custom Design
Legendary Films Customization
Spotify Custom Photoshoot
Avicii Custom Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Ralph Lauren Avicii Custom Design
Mountain Dew Baja Blast
Halo Customization Master Chief
Billboard Music Custom Portable Remix Speaker
Steph Curry Custom Campaign

Various Projects

Art Direction . Graphic Design . 3D . Copy

Creating for large(r) companies is always fun and exciting. You always end up meeting great people and learning something new.  Miller, Halo, Staples, Best Buy Magnolia, Legendary Films and Mountain Dew to name a few. The projects ultimately resulted in product placement, bundling & B2B sales.